Developing Your Philosophy: Who Am I?

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Project #1
Developing your Philosophy

Who am I?
I am an open book. I am caring. I am not sensitive. I am not too mindful or thoughtful unless it is something I am whole heartedly into. I know my faults and I know my weaknesses, as well as my strengths.

What is important to me? I think family is the most important to me. I love to teach and show my sons knew things as well as see them learn life lessons every day. I love to go through my daily life as well as surpass struggles with my wife every minute of the day.

What do I value?
I value life and just being able to live and go through the struggles of every day life. I think a lot of people take it for granted and I do as well sometimes. I think it is human nature, but it is important to stop and realize this is all part of the journey.
What in my life has influenced what I value?
I know on thing that have influenced my life is being blown up by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. It really showed me how I need to value things differently and try as hard as possible to not take things for granted. Even though we are having problems in life, or what seem to be problems to us at the time, as long as we have family we can overcome anything.
What are my life goals?
One of my life goals are to open my own business and become an entrepreneur. I would love to run a food truck as well as a Bar and Grill. Another one of my goals is to a high school basketball coach. I think it is very important and it has had a positive effect on my life and I can only help to give that guidance to others as well.
Where will I be in 10 – 15 years?
In 10-15 years I hope to be in my own house, out of the Army and an entrepreneur. I would love to be coaching at a high school in Riverside California where I will be living. I would like to have my own Food truck and be getting into the groove of being a civilian.
What do I believe in? Why?
I believe in high ethics and morals. I think without these, people are not able to live happy lives. Life is all about what you can do to improve yourself and those around you. I think when you can go to bed happy every night due to you trying everything in your power to improve yourself or others around you; you are living a fulfilling life.
What do I need?
I need my family, I need to know we have a place to eat and sleep the basic needs of people. I do not need to be a millionaire or live outside of my means. I need the ocean. It is a true escape and truly calming. It is the center of my Chie.
Why do I coach?
I coach to give the youth an advantage in life. I think sports is a huge life altering road you can take and it can definitely take you places you never thought it would and you can meet people you never thought you would. Every one needs to have that push and drive and leadership to get it out of you. That is what being a coach is all about.
Am I an effective coach/teacher?
I like to think I am. I tend to be very open and very honest. I am very dedicated and motivated and I think anything can be achieved when you truly strive for something. I try and bring the competitive side out in people and I believe it is needed for life.
Am I unhappy? Am I happy? Why?
I am very happy. I am alive, I have two beautiful boys and I have a loving and devoted wife. I don’t think someone can ask for much more out of life. Material things do not get to me. I am a beach bum by heart and I am at peace near the ocean. I love California and couldn’t picture myself anywhere else.
How do you feel about self-disclosure?
I think self-disclosure is very important. I think it is a necessity and to improve your life it is a must. It is very important for healthy relationships, communication and every day life not just for counseling or psychology.

Coaching Objectives:
What type of situations are the most difficult for you to remain true to your coaching objectives? Why?
Am I coaching for the right reasons?
I believe I am.