Development: Developmental Psychology and Fully-grown Teenager Essay

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My physical and cognitive development that followed me throughout my childhood, helped shape my understanding, as I became a fully-grown teenager. The relationships that were made with childhood friends had changed for the better. It helped me understand this notion of everyone eventually growing up, and shaping his or her own personality. As a child, all I can think about was playing games and not worrying about anything in particular. The physical and cognitive transformation that I was experiencing helped me put things into perspective. I, for one, was not going to remain a child. I ultimately learned to adapt to this new lifestyle, and became a teenager, although in the eyes of many, I had adopted such maturation stage earlier on. Developing a new form of interacting with others, while also receiving, mental and social support of doctors, school nurses and a few of my family members, helped ease the transition for me and thus allowed me to progress and adjust through these developmental experiences. Doctors would evaluate my progress of development, while the nurses at school held frequent discussions on: the anatomy and physiology of our bodies, and the things that were bound to change for the better. In the mist of it all, I was becoming mentally mature; hence I was able to cope with the discussions nurses were orating. In accordance to my education, as I promoted to the next level and climbed the ladder, thinking strenuously and critically were both present during my development stage. Not only was I able to effectively process computational and theoretical problems, I was also communicating with peers in a way I would have never imagined.…