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Consider yourself working for the London Tourism Organisation Visit London as a management intern in the Marketing and PR department under a six month contract.

Before completing the internship, you are required to present a final report to the management that involves four tasks as seen in the next page.

You would need to examine the type of management styles and leadership approaches of the managers and how they motivate their staff in order to achieve the organisational goals and objectives along with the organisational culture and communication methods used at Visit London.

The management interns are also required to demonstrate that they have a the necessary managerial skills, including decision making skill and competency if they were take up a management job at Visit London.

Although the tasks in this assignment are all based on the scenario provided above you need to support your discussion with relevant theories and concepts.


Research and analyse the company profile, mission and goals as w ell as the strategies of Visit London first

Provide a one-page summary of the organisation (Visit London) as an introduction.

A. Identify and compare TWO management styles that you believe as used by your managers at Visit London and briefly discuss at least
FOUR leadership characteristics as related to each of the TWO management styles you have identified. .
B. Analyse and discuss the different communication methods used by your managers at Visit London. Analyse organisational culture and change you assume taking place at your organisation.
A. Identify and assess your own management skills and competencies and present a catalogue of key management skills you posses along with a personal SWOT analysis in relations to the skills and competencies required at Visit London.
B. Present a diary of events to outline the setting and prioritising