Development of Domestic Drilling Solids Control Equipment Essay example

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Solids control system from KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd., consists of four vibrating screen and two dryers (ie drying shaker). 4 vibrating screen and a dryer are connected in parallel, the drilling fluid back out from well are diverted from the fluid dispenser to four vibrating screen and a dryer. Then the separated solid particles are processed by another drier so that the particles can get further dehydrated. The prolapsed liquid is recovered, and the dried particles are drained.

The dryer is actually a vibrating dryer sieve, pour shelves 10 °, in order to reduce the loss of liquid. 4 vibrating screen mesh using a three-dimensional detail of the waveform screen, instead of the conventional flat-line screen, three-dimensional structure allows the force of gravity down into the oncoming solid fold groove, away from the projection area, from each of the a fold of the upper solids separation. By thus increasing the amount of fluid, not drown the convex portion, the convex portion to increase the fluid flow capacity. Two layers of fine screen cloth is attached to the upper layer of coarse screen cloth, three screen cloth bonded together, made of corrugated and then bonded to the openings of the board. Waveform overlay screen area than ordinary flat screen area increased by about 40%, compared with flat screen about 2 to 3 fine sieve size. Fluid-handling capacity increased by 70% and not prone to clogging, the treatment effect is very good.

In recent years, theoretical research and manufacturing processes of domestic drilling solids control equipment have a greater level of development,…