What I Want To Achieve Essay

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What I want to achieve
How will I do it?
By when?
Review date
Review date
Do another college course
To ensure that I can do another course at Henley College, I will attend all of my lessons and complete all work set. I will have to apply for a course that I can see myself doing. This course will have to be something I enjoy and something I can see myself doing in the future.

I will have to see what apprenticeships are available for people my age and find a suitable place to do it. Another thing I have to do is see what the apprenticeship requires in terms of qualifications.

Create a CV
I will spend my extra time working on my CV as this will help me in the near future. I will include all important information as this will help make my CV better. I can add the work experience I did last year and any team events I have done as this will show that I can work with others quite well.
26th Feb

Get a part-time job
After my CV is completed I will be on route to finding a part-time job to support myself financially and help me get some experience for the future. The experience I gain from the part-time job will double my chances of finding a full-time job. This is as I would have gained some mandatory skills.

Get a full time job
If I decide to leave college and not go onto an apprenticeship, my next option is to get a full-time job. I will need to start looking for something that I would enjoy doing so it doesn’t feel like a chore