A Note On Serbia

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Development Index: Serbia HDI(Human Development Index)
Country Rank overall: 77
Value overall: 0.745
Country Rank and Value of Countries Above and Below­ Jordan­ Rank: 77 Value: 0.745 & Brazil Rank: 79
Value: 0.744
Life expectancy Rank: 74.1
Literacy Rank: 63 out of 194 with a literacy rate of 98%
GDP Per Capita Rank: 10,800 HPI­1 (Human Poverty Index)
Rank Overall­7
Value­ 3.1
Value and rank of Montenegro­ rank ­8­value­3.1
Value and rank of uruguay­rank­6­value­3
Survival Rank: 65
Literacy Rank: 58, only 2.1 percent of the country is illiterate
Water Rank: NA
UnderWeight child rank: 112 GDI (gender index development index)
Rank­ Unrecognizable
Value­ Unrecognizable Value­0.842 Rank­130 =jordan
Value­ unrecognizable Rank unrecognizable=brazil(below) LIfe expect woman 76.9­ man 71.3
LIteracy Rank: 58
Primary­ 114 GER(gross enrollment rank)
Secondary ­92 GER
Tertiary­ 52 GER By looking at all the numbers listed above for Serbia, these numbers compare to the united states in many ways. Serbia’s HDI compared to all the countries in the world is ranked 77, while the US is ranked 5th. The us has a higher Life expectancy, mean years of schooling and Gender inequality index. Which are all very important factors in a high HDI. The US has a overall value of 0.914, while Serbia has a overall value of
0.745, based on those numbers it’s clear the US is more developed than Serbia. The us is almost at the highest HDI possible (1), while