Development Should Not Be Primarily Focused On Economic Development Essay

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“Development should not be primarily focused on economic development”
To what extend do you agree or disagree? If agree, what should the primarily focus of the development be?


1. Introduction: - What is development? - Relationship between GDP and economic Development
GDP= indicator which shows total of good + service produced in a country over period of time (D1) / economic output.
More needed about relationship

- Thesis statement + position

(if agree. GDP provide revenue to the government in order to allocate money to education, health and etc.)

2. Body:

Body 1: The important of economic development. (why GDP is important in economic development?)

GDP is the main measure (indicator) of economic development.
GDP allows us to measure the health of economy (D2, p.3) and why is this important?
GDP allows policy makers to respond quickly to economic problems (D2, p.3). E.g. show how?
GDP can help leaders to set goals to develop the economy of their country (D1)

Body 2: Criticism of GDP

GDP doesn’t distinguish between Positive and negative factors that Contribute to GDP (D1). (E.g. car accidents and Natural Disaster)
Inequality, environment (D1)
Destruction and Insecurity don’t Captured by GDP (D1).
GDP does not recognize benefits of Research and Development (D1).
GDP does not indicate well-being and distort political goals to focus solely on economic target (D2, p.1)
GDP is Lack accuracy and misleading when measuring wealth (D2, p.1).
GDP does not measure important life factor (D2, p.1).

e.g. of ppl’s contribution to GDP s/o who is contributing a lot to GDP may have less well-being + Qol than s/o who is not contributing a lot (D2, p.4)

concerns about relationship btw. GDP + well-being are not new (D2, p.5)

it doesn’t show average household income-GDP misrepresents average income by including large company profits + high income (D2, P.7)

Body 3: