Development Stages in Adolescents Essay examples

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Adolescences also defined as a second decades of life, is a time when the developing individual undergoes dramatic changes physically, psychologically socially and spiritually (Rew, 2005).There are different theories described by several psychologists and social scientists to describe development stages in adolescences. The most important developmental changes that occur in early adolescences is a physical development (Rew, 2005), which is accompanied by biological, cognitive and emotional developments at a later stages of an adolescence (Dashiff, 2001). This essay, describes the physical and the cognitive development stages occurring in adolescence
Physical Development
The physical changes in adolescences is also are referred as Puberty (Rew, 2005). Puberty arises due to hormonal changes and increase in the pituitary gland activities .It starts at early adolescence that is, at the age of 10 to 12 (Dashiff, 2001). It brings about several physical changes like increase in height and weight. Secondary sexual characteristics like changes in voice, growth of body hair, changes in the breast and genitalia begins (Gill, 2012).The circulatory and respiratory system also changes that will increase the strength and physical tolerance of an individual. (Rew, 2005)
Cognitive Development
In this development stage occurring at late adolescence stage, there is significant growth in the knowledge of adolescences (Dashiff, 2001). The growth in the knowledge improves the individual’s deductive reasoning power and the problem solving ability becomes more systematic considering the alternative solution as well. (Gill, 2012) The cognitive development makes individuals thought more abstract and reflective and develops an ability to provide abstract reasoning and formal logic (Dashiff, 2001). The cognitive development in individual occurs due to several factors. According to Piagets theory, the cognitive development occurs from individual behaviour that is how he or she