Developmental Psychology and Children Essay

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We should understand the patterns of development of children because as children get older they will be going through changes e.g. when children reach the stage of adolescences that’s when both male and female will start to face body changes such as girls will start their monthly period (menstruation) boys usually start at the age of 14 years and girls start around 11 years. Boys will face changes like facial hair must ash etc, when we look at development and growth it doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing growth mean from short we become tall and from small become tall. Development means to learn and gain abilities and skills etc.

Snack and meal times give children the opportunity to sit with their class mates and discuss about food they like and enjoy. And helps them with their social skills and communicating skills, children can learn about the names of the foods such as the names of fruits vegetable etc it allows them to relax and enjoy food. This will also help children to understand why food is important they can learn about healthy eating etc. That’s why snack and meal times are important for children.
When children face transitions is not easy for them to cope with for example when we as adults face transitions we can deal with it and we can deal with our emotions where as children they are growing and their minds are still developing they can’t control their emotions and will find it challenging and hard to deal with. We as practitioners need to be there to offer our comfort and guidance for example when a child’s starts nursery and they are new we can offer them a key person what they do is they support children when they face changes such as moving to a different school, parents splitting up moving to another class like from nursery to reception etc they are there to help children they can do this by doing activities with them using comfort objects like a teddy bear blanket etc. transitions are not easy for children to deal with we need to be there offer our support and help.
When we do observations with children we find out lots of things about them such as their abilities and their skills. If a child is