Essay on Developmental Psychology and Clayton’s Experience

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Tutorial Questions:
Clayton’s Survival Story Article
1. What is this article about? How does this relate to the socialization process discussed in class?
This article is about a 6 year old boy named Clayton who was neglected and abused by both of his parents. Locked inside a 2 by 2 feet wide closet with a wire fence wrapped around his body bound by chains, his father would urinate on him. This all began when Clayton’s stepmom came into the picture. Prior to his father’s new marriage, Clayton had a moral relationship with his father. 6 year old Clayton was not able to attend school nor socialize with other children. Clayton always thought why this was happening to him and when he were to ask his father and his stepmom, Carmen, they would shove dish soap in his mouth. Living in an abusive environment, this did not allow Clayton to develop or learn as an average child would. Concluding the article, Clayton’s 14 year old step sister had spoken to some police officers. Clayton’s father and stepmother had been arrested. Carmen and Joseph, Clayton’s father, pled guilty to neglect, criminal confinement and battery, but each blamed the other for initiating the crime. Months after Clayton was rescued, he was adopted by his biological mother's aunt, Patti. Patti says she had no idea any of the abuse was happening.
The socialization process discussed in class is the process by which children and adults learn from others during the early years of life by socially interacting with the society around them. Relating this process to the article chosen, it is shown that he was not able to socialize with his peers nor able to learn from his mistakes. During your socialization process, children make new friends and explore with their imagination; but Clayton had that privilege taken away due to his abusive father. For most individuals, learning new concepts occurs at this stage. This is where children learn to identify their likes and dislikes, celebrate birthdays and other special events. For Clayton, he was not able to celebrate his birthday and have a common social life like other children. The fact that he was not able to socialize with anyone has affected his socialization process because he is not aware of how to communicate with others or introduce himself; which can lead to an identity crisis. One’s childhood years are the most fragile years since that is when you learn the societies social norms and adapt to the environment; Clayton was not capable of doing that because of how he was neglected by his parents; the people who are supposed to care for you and love you unconditionally abandoned him
2. How has Clayton’s experience effected his life now? (PIES)
Clayton’s experience has impacted and effected his life now physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. His life has been effected physically because as he was trapped in a 2X2 closet, his whole body was shoved in there with no room to sit. Standing for hours or even days at a time, his body structure is probably not able to grow normally; thus causing him a disadvantage when playing sports. Clayton’s life has been impacted negatively intellectually because he did not attend school and learn what an average 6 year old would learn in school. This experience has delayed him one year behind then other 6 year olds. Clayton’s experience had also negatively impacted his life socio-emotionally because he is probably having difficulty trusting others because of what his experience had done to him. The people that are supposed to care for you and love you no matter what have betrayed and neglected him. This could show Clayton that he could not trust anyone because of his father cruel decisions. This will cause Clayton difficulty to maintain long term relationships ad friendships with his peers.
3. Based on Clayton’s childhood