Developmental Stage Analysis

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Developmental Stage Analysis Paper
Jennette Forrest
Micheal O'Shea

People during the course of their lives go numerous transformations as adults and youngsters. During a person’s existence, they will go through several of clear cognitive, social, physical, and character changes. Annie, who’s 13 years of age adolescent and in 6th grade, starts on her puberty phase following the childhood phase ending. She’s commonly categorized as “teenager” or “young adult” by a majority of people. Ages of youth are from 13 years of age to 21 years of age. Noticeably, Annie, like a lot of other adolescent girls during this phase, comes across a lot of transformation in her life as she gets ready to mature. Throughout this period in Annie’s existence, she’ll commence puberty bringing on many emotional, physical and cognitive changes to her personality and body. “Puberty” is the moment in the maturity at which the person is actually able to sexually reproduce. A lot of obvious and physical transformations take place throughout puberty. As a result, Annie’s body will start developing, because of the rise in estrogen in her body.
Annie’s Physical Transformation
The biggest and obvious developmental change in Annie’s body will be growth spurts.

When it comes to Norma she is 78 and aging is a progressive, predictable process in which gradual changes not caused by disease or accident occur over time. Aging affects both body and mind. Some age-related changes start at early as the 20s others may not appear until people are in their 70s like Norma. While Norma is in the