Essay about Deviance: Abuse and Tertiary Victimization

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Victim Typologies CJ266

Primary Victimization. That is described as a one person target. What that refers to is that it is personalized or an individual target. An individual will chose or “pick out” a specific person to victimize. In most situations that would include crimes associated with hate crimes, domestic violence, assault and battery in some cases, rape crimes in some cases as well.Domestic abuse is a good example. Let’s say a family member, partner, or even an ex- partner uses forcible or threating abuse that ends up causing either emotional or physical damage. This type of crime results in primary victimization. In most cases like this, it will cause both emotional and physical damage. Even being verbally put down or humiliated is a form of domestic abuse. Stalking would be another good example. Watching and following the victim, sending threating letters or e-mails, or making threating telephone calls would be another form of primary victimization
Second on the list is Secondary Victimization. That’s described as an Impersonal target of the offender. That refers to a situation such as a business or corporation sells faulty products to the public or church. Victims of cooperate scandals, such as former employees who lost their life savings. This can be a tricky situation another example I would use, is say you fill out some “payday” " in loans online and you get victimized from outside parties that have bought off your information from these unsecure sites to make you pay for something you never had to begin with. They call you and tell you that you’re being sued for a loan you didn’t pay back, when in fact you probably didn’t receive that loan to begin with. They try to fool you into thinking that your being sued to hand over money that you never had to start with. That’s scary and that has happened to me.
Secondary victimization is sometimes called "the