Devil's Den Total Quality Management

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Week 9
Devil’s Dens biggest issue is that the entire employee staff do not operate with the same mindset when it comes to doing their job. Devil’s Den could benefit significantly from a Total Quality Management system because it requires that everyone must be responsible to participate in the continuous improvement of the organization. If all the employee’s of Devil’s Den were held accountable for improving themselves in their designed roles within their jobs then it could restructure the corporate culture and hopefully keep the employee’s honest and forthright in their job and decrease the losses from missing items. From taking such small steps to improve each day in a Total Quality Management systems the employee’s at Devil’s Den may feel more involved in the company and like they are making a difference in how it operates.
The best option for an award and/or incentive program for Devil’s Den would be an employee of the month with included bonus. By giving recognition to the hardest working employees and offering those an added bonus in their salary would give enough incentive to drive all the employees toward performing at a higher level. This incentive program could go on a weekly or month basis using the employee’s performance levels over the given period of time to determine whom was the clear leader during that set time. By using this incentive program over a period of time and pairing it with a promotion from within strategy employee’s at Devil’s Den may become more