The Legal And Ethical Considerations Of Marketing In America

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Devin Thomas
BUS 340
Ms. Lahargoue
August 2, 2015

The Legal/Ethical Considerations of Marketing in America

Evolution of the Marketing competition is a good reason to know exactly why marketing is a strong, heavy force in today’s worldwide economy. The first startup was closeted until the start of the 1920’s, in the United States, which came to be known as the ‘production era’. Goods were at a premium and consumers were always compliant to accept practically anything that was accessible to be sold and be grateful for what they are given. The ‘auction era’ started up soon afterwards that moved into the 60’s, where factories and corporations found out that they could build and produce more items than consumers would be able to purchase and that’s when competition started to grow. In the early to mid-60’s firms and other companies in the US started to rely on the commerce/marketing scene because it started to become the most innovating stronghold and the commerce/commercials era became upon them, which is the imagery that an organization could work really hard to satisfy their customers, while at the same time try to achieve their business goals as well. Many businesses such as General Electric or (G.E) have been achieving major success by consistently aiming to being dependable and collecting information about their customers and their customer’s expectations, giving out this information with discretion, and then being able to use it to expand and bring about even more consumer values. Which came to be the start of the customer relationship era. What that means exactly is that companies would search and always try to satisfy their customers, which also led to consumer friendly management or is known as customer service in this day and age. The process of finding prospective buyers, paying attention to what they like, and listening to their wants and needs, and creating an amicable relationship that will last for a long duration with that customer and creating a “regular” for the company and having those benefits, hoping that more and more consumers will make them their final choice in the long run of a place to shop. In the words of William Frankena (1973), which clearly states, “ethics are a group of moral principles aimed at improving the safety and welfare of the society”. Keeping interests at bay like ethics and social ties and having responsibilities as an organization have changed drastically from the importance of the companies interests to customer’s interests. A lot of commerce mishaps are sometimes inaccurately spoken by current laws and other classifications. The four main business concepts to having stronger business ethics with a strong infrastructure are ethical arrangements as well as having a solid ethical background. The initial start is having a confident ethics code, similar to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act; which stated that it is highly recommended for businesses to own a system of ethics, on paper clearly stating what a person should do, and what to truly long for. The next is to have ethical training within the company. Which means that the ethics is brought about and shown in with the workplace. Then following that is the next element, which is having a healthy ethical foundation or known as an “ethics coach”. An “ethics coach” is a person who can become a leader and help build confidence throughout the workplace in any ethical given situation.
And last but not least, the final piece is having a mystery, non-profiling reporting program, whom of which is serving and working to provide employees a different way to reporting misconduct or any violations that have been occurring without having the fear of reprisal. Social welfare is a big and certainly high priority to earning and keeping a good quality image, however having reputation as well can be an organization’s main resource. However if they plan on striving as well as lasting long within the workplace and looking to survive at the top. Companies