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Heritage Fair Research paper

Lauren Shamah
December 31, 2012

Mexico has a lot of different kinds of landforms. Mexico has volcanoes and small mountains in southern Mexico (“Physical Geography of Mexico” N.D.). Mexico City, this plateau takes up 40 percent of Mexico’s landscape (“Facts about Landforms in Mexico” N.D.).

On both sides of Mexico the climate is hot and humid and very hot during the summer. But on the other hand high elevated areas can get very cold. (“Climate in Mexico” N.D.).

Schools in Mexico are similar to schools in America. The system has three levels: primary, secondary and higher education. Preschool is not required but is offered for ages three to five. From ages six to fourteen school is mandatory (”Mexico - Educational System—overview” N.D.).

Something very popular about Mexico is the food there. The Mayan Indians used to commonly eat corn tortillas with bean paste as well as fish, wild game and tropical fruits. Then came the Mayans in the middle of the 1300s and introduced new foods in their cooking such as chili peppers, honey , salt and chocolate. Then in 1521 Spain entered Mexico and introduced their Spanish food and mixed it with our Mexican food. After that Mexico just started combining Caribbean, South American, French, West African and Portuguese food with their own (“Mexican Food History” N.D.)

When people think of sports in Mexico they think mostly about soccer, soccer and some more soccer. This is wrong in fact there are many sports played in Mexico such as baseball, Jai Alai, bullfighting, Charreada, basketball and much, much more. Most people in Mexico are very active, out there and up for a good time. (“Sports in Mexico” 2010)

About 5.3 million illegal immigrants from Mexico are living in the United States. Over one in every two