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Tahmina Ahmed
Professor Cammilleri
English 201
19 march, 2013
“Forgiveness is not forgetting an injustice done; it is the understanding that allows us to set aside the emotional impact of that injustice pertaining to ourselves. When we no longer hold those emotions, and have understanding for the person, we forgave them “(singer). In other words, this quote means being able to forgive a person actually allow the person forgiving to begin the healing process, but this does not mean that the person forget what damage it has caused them. In psychology, “forgiveness is a process that involves the change in emotions and attitudes regarding the offender.” This definition of forgiveness points out that forgiveness is a personal choice
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The lead character is devastated again. Now that she is alone, she has to learn to live her life again without the presence of her partner. It is extremely hard for the protagonist to accept the loss of her partner. Once again, the partner returns back to her mate and asks for forgiveness. The protagonist makes an attempt to forgive her partner but not really; they discuss nothing as if everything was fit to perfection. Eventually, the protagonist had enough of her partner’s meaningless apologies and she explodes in anger. In the end she says to her partner in vain “I’ll never believe the myth of forgiveness between us” (Brown6). The protagonist viewed forgiveness as being unreal. She viewed it as being an imaginary story, a fiction of our imagination. But this resentment toward her partner caused her to have pain. Unforgiving doesn't soothe the pain she was feeling. It made it worst. After everything, the protagonist made many attempts to forgive her significant other. But she wasn't because she failed to understand what forgiveness is. She didn't realize that forgiveness is letting go of the emotion, pain and embracing a new start. This starts the healing process. I am a true believer in forgiveness. As humans, we are not perfect and we are created to make mistakes in life.” Forgiveness is for yourself, and not for other people. When you forgive, it doesn’t mean that you