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Topic 9 — Producing and Measuring Electricity

In a world without electricity, cars, computers and essential equipment used in hospitals could not exist; we would forgo the pleasures of televisions and personal stereos; we would lose the convenience of appliances such as mobile phones, microwaves and washing machines. Hence electricity is at the heart of the modern world. It provides a very convenient form of energy to power a wide variety of both portable and fixed equipment. Technological developments led to the production of devices that are used to maintain a constant temperature in industrial processes and devices that respond to changes in light intensity.
This topic is designed to extend the student’s knowledge of electricity from Key Stage 3. It gives students the opportunity to explore different sources of electric current and to investigate the relationship between voltage and current in a resistor and a filament lamp. This will give students experience in building circuits and using a voltmeter and ammeter. Students will also have the opportunity to investigate devices that respond to changes in temperature and light intensity, possibly with the aid of data-logging equipment.

Guidance for students

Have you ever wondered?
Why is my phone wireless, but I have to plug my hairdryer into the wall?
How does my digital camera take great pictures automatically?
How can I make the batteries in my MP3 player last longer?
Why did people believe electricity could cure all your aches and pains?
Which invention changed the world the most?
How can a train possibly go at 500 kilometres per hour?
Is it true my clothes will soon become wearable computers?

Learning objectives
• There is a variety of ways we can produce electricity.
• Electricity can be measured.
• The voltage, current and resistance in a circuit are related.
• The change in resistance of electrical devices is used in a variety of applications.

Glossary for Topic P1a-9: Producing and Measuring Electricity

What you will know when you finish this activity
By the end of this activity you will have created a comprehensive glossary to help you with your understanding of this topic.

What you do
Complete the definitions for each word.
You will be expected to be able to recall, explain, describe and use the words appropriately.

|Keyword |Definition |
|ammeter | |
|Battery | |
|capacity | |
|circuit | |
|Current | |
|dry-cell | |
|Dynamo | |
|light-dependent | |
|resistor (LDR) | |
|Magnet | |
|Parallel | |
|Potential difference (pd) |