Dh Lawrence Persuasive Speech

Words: 1996
Pages: 8

Lawrence on local television has announced that every morning at dawn there will now be huge, public sacrifices made out to him at the heart of the capital. Attendance forced upon members of Lawrence’s inner circle to watch without protest as he parades around them in ever more lavish priestly clothing. It begins with the slaughter of dozens of cattle and sheep, whose entrails are placed in golden bowls and offered up as a sacrifice to Lawrence. Rumors have been surfacing that these offerings include the remains of children, killing only those who had both parents still alive to maximize the resulting grief. In Lawrence’s honor, party rallies have been taking place. A motorcade of floats riding by plastered with banners and posters of Lawrence and the high-officials. On the float, people are wearing costumes giving Miss America waves. In the air, there is ticker tape, gymnasts twirling batons and their bodies. Lawrence comes …show more content…
What should I say what could I say. “I know this is a lot to take in Travis juggling all these jaw-dropping discoveries and cutting-edge technology at once,” says Lawrence. “You’re right, Lawrence I need to take some time for it to sink in and dissolve all this then I’ll come back to you with my clear and concise thoughts. My mind is just too scrambled right now. I mean I would’ve thought all this was humanly impossible, but somehow you brought all this into light.” “You don’t know how much this means to us Travis that you can’t wrap your mind around this, it means that as a scientist, I’ve done my job, combining the laws of nature with technology.” “You and your department by far have exceeded my expectations,” I tell Nikolaus. “We’ll touch base with each other again Travis but until then think about this and don’t speak with anyone and I mean anyone about what you’ve seen here today. Do we have an understanding Travis?” “Yes of course Lawrence, your wish is my