Dhanush Sureshbabu

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Dhanush Sureshbabu
Success comes in many forms: winning a game, getting a good grade, passing a test, etc. It is something that all people want to achieve. However, for most, this goal is almost unattainable. What they might think as triumph is not in its real form. Until one experiences failure, patience, a drive to achieve, and recognition, success cannot be realized. To begin with, to truly feel the sensation of winning people have to feel what it is like to fail. The old saying goes “there cannot be success without failure”. A great example of this is in my english classes. I was never very good at writing essays and became demoralized when I always kept receiving an 80 or a 85. Surprisingly, one day in my junior composition class I got
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Achieving something can take days, months, or even years. To demonstrate, Morris County School of Technology has a really pedestrian baseball team. They are not the best or the worst at the sport. But they still manage to go 0-12 during the first half of the season. Even though the teams they played were on the same insignificant level as them the MCST Devils always faltered. However, one day in the torrid heat of May, they won their first game. After a month and many days of giving it their all, they finally won a game. This goes to show that people can not always get what they want. They must be patient to …show more content…
Goals cannot be met if people do not try to achieve them. Determination and perseverance are necessary. A shining example of this was my sophomore year playing basketball. I was on the junior varsity team and I did not play much. I joined basketball so that I could get in shape after Thanksgiving dinner and was not motivated to score baskets. To make matters worse the coach was a real jerk and had no experience in basketball at all. So the season started on a low note and I really did not care for the game. But one game, against an unskilled Wallkill Valley High School, I decided to try my best. I did not want to be classified as worse than our amateur opponents. I had the ball and was facing off against a caucasian youth of the age sixteen. Everyone was yelling my name. The ball had to go into the hoop. I did a crossover and dove, throwing the ball with one hand. The ball banked in. I had forced myself to make the shot and thankfully it went in. If I had not motivated myself the ball probably would have missed the basket by about five inches and I would have not