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When looking at sources that give us media information such as the internet and newspapers, we can notice the huge difference between the two sources and what they offer, this includes the internet being the new media information source with over billions of viewers across the world and the newspaper having lesser viewers and old fashioned printed paper which is available from a handful of shops and stores.
This time 20 years ago newspapers were considered as a good way to get your media information and were brought by people all over the world. Newspapers were at their peak with over a million buyers across the world this seemed there would be no rival for paper print newspapers. But this was about to change with the discovery of the web, media was about to take a huge turn as it was going to be the most popular and best way to get your media source.
Today we live in a world wide web world with so much media information at a click of a button, we are guaranteed all the media information we are interested in. We can view the type of news we are interested in such as sport, showbiz and international and national stories whenever we want. There is much more information media than you would find in a newspaper, for example we can view all types of news, where as in a newspaper the amount of information is shorter as there are a few pages printed to store little information.
When looking at a average newspaper it features information we probably have already read on the web, and if we want to read a particular type of news at a certain time like 3, 0 clock in the morning, we can gain that access to do this when we are on the web where as in newspaper we would have to wait until the morning to buy a printed paper newspaper.
There are many books to show how to use and understand the internet, this is a good way to encourage people to switch to the web and get their media information. The web design newspapers have taken ideas from their newspapers and created the internet version. There are many different ideas in regards to creating a web page for news and newspapers and some of these ideas are taken from printed newspapers. Steve Krug writes a book on making a web page but some of his ideas are taken from a printed newspaper, in which he shows how looking at newspaper inspired his design for a web page.
“We learned, for instance, that a phrase in a very large type is usually a headline that summarizes the story underneath it, and that text underneath a picture is either a caption that tells me what it’ s a picture of, or-if it’s in a very small type-a photo credit that tells me who took the picture.” (Krug Steve, 2006, page 34.)
The advantages of a newspaper can also include when waiting somewhere out without your internet access such as in train stations or bus stations newspapers are better to buy.
There are also the regular buyers who have for many years brought their newspapers and are committed in continued to do so. Looking at this further there are many people who still buy the printed version and would not consider going online. Many people still enjoying reading a newspaper rather than staring at computer screen which has the same facts but less comfortable. Sitting on the couch and reading a paper is more enjoyable for readers than having a computer with them at all times just to read the same information.
The web offers fast media reports, fresh stories, and news as it happens. Understanding this further we can view the latest stories in the news as they happen, such as the latest live football scores as they happen where as if you wanted to see the scores on newspaper you would have to wait until the morning to read about the score.
Newspapers seem like yesterdays news, because some stories they print have probably changed hours later but they cannot report that until the following day when there next paper is printed. This is a huge disadvantage for newspapers because the web is bringing us the reports as