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Nutrition and diet - Diabetes Diet
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The subject of the assignment is “Nutrition and diet-Diabetes Diet”. As the time changes, people are constantly changing their eating habits. More and more people will concern about nutritional contents of certain food for health, also there has lots people choose to be vegetarians. Because of nowadays, our standard of living improves, different country have their different diet,cook methods or various foods to choose for people daily life. But in the most of countries, the diabetes mellitus still is a big problem for the human being, and WHO find out diabetes mellitus are getting seriously. We have data to show that over 3.82billions people have diabetes mellitus in the world. Therefore, if you have a balance diet on a daily basis, also in this paper we will talk about how can you have the Diabetes Diet everyday, that will be very useful with your health might be will diabetes mellitus morbidity. (WebMD .2012)
In this assessment, I will study for the diet of diabetic. What is diabetes mellitus? Diabetes mellitus is a series of clinical syndrome an absolute or relative deficiency of insulin, closely associated with genetic. The main clinical manifestations of diabetes are polydipsia, polyuria, polyphagia and loss of weight, and elevated blood sugar, urine contains glucose etc. (WebMD .2012)
Balanced diet for the diabetic is very important. Both of diabetic patients and normal people need a healthy diet and reasonable diet for. A balanced diet principles not only requires people to control food quantity of heat, ordering meal on time quantitative, more water, but also requires the selection of low glycemic foods, reduce fat intake, avoid trans-fatty acids, increase the amount of dietary fiber, these four aspects constitute the diabetes diet structure equilibrium. So if you are working in a restaurant, a guess want to order sugar free dessert, that might be very important for serving them, if they get diabetes mellitus. Also there are three main types of Diabetes: Type1, Type2 and Gestational Diabetes. (mayoclinic .2014)

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The picture on the left that shows Type 2 diabetic must refrain from having high sugar foods and include fruit juices as well. For the meals, they need to eat small portions with a variety of vegetables, fruits and lean protein meats dairy.
In addition,we also can consult BMI (Body Mass index) and BMR(basal metabolism rate)to control diabetes. The research shows, the BMI value decreased 5 units that can be associated with a reduced risk of diabetes, as well as improve health conditions. On the other hand, Diabetes can lead to increased BMR. (Manzella.2014)
History and background
Diabetes has been found since ancient, the earliest recorded in AD was around 1500 years ago in ancient Egypt. In the middle, there appeared variety of different effective treatment of therapeutic methods to treat diabetes mellitus. Historical of diabetes went through “found - Oblivion – rediscover” began cycle. From the general development ,it has gone through four historical phases:
(1) In the ancient stage, this stage of diabetes complications were analyzed the original description;
(2) From 16 to 18 Centuries, it known as the "diagnosis" stage, during this time, diabetes was confirmed as an independent disease.
(3) The middle of the 19 Century, diabetes known as the "experimental stage". In this time, people started understanding of the pancreas for regulation effect of glucose levels in diabetic