Essay on Diabetes: Obesity and Insulin

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Obesity and Type II Diabetes Diabetes is the most familiar of the endocrine disorders. Diabetes develops in an

individual due to less or no production of insulin by the pancreas. Insulin is a very important

component in one’s body because it helps in the transportation of glucose throughout the body

(Source five).

There are two types of diabetes. Type I diabetes occurs when insulin levels become very

low (Source five). This is due to pancreatic beta cells being demolished by the body’s immune

system, which is why many people take insulin (Source five). On the other hand, type II diabetes

either doesn’t create more insulin or the cells in the body do not accept them (Source five). Type

II diabetes is more common of the two types, and the reason being is because being overweight

or obese contributes to this type (Source five). An overweight or obese individual has a body

mass greater than thirty and includes a diet of more carbohydrates, sugars, and starches (Source


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), individuals that have

been diagnosed with type II diabetes are for the most part either obese or overweight (Source

four). Researchers believe this happens due to the fact that the amount of fat tissue present in

one’s body is inversely proportional to how much that person will absorb the insulin into his or

her body cells (Source four). In other words, the more fat tissue existing in one’s body, the less

insulin will be used by the cells (Source four). It is the result of a protein that is excreted by the

fat tissue (Source four). However, this is not the cause of diabetes. What leads to diabetes is the

pancreas overworking itself, producing insulin, in order to work against the proteins (Source

four). The overworking causes the pancreas to break down and not product insulin at all, which

leads to diabetes (Source four). The older group of individuals is more prone to developing type II diabetes (Source two).

However, more and more children, during puberty, are being diagnosed for it today (Source

three). Children may be affected because it either is passed down from his or her parents, the

child is Overweight, and/or he or she is not physically active (Source three). This is why it is

extremely important to keep a well- balanced diet as well as exercise. According to the CDC,

performing thirty minutes of physical activity, such as walking, for five days a week helps to

decrease body weight and subsequently, decrease the chance for diabetes (Source one).

Type II diabetes is easily preventable, unless it is a hereditary trait. Eating healthy and

keeping your body active always has its benefits. Besides reducing the risk for diabetes, eating

healthy and exercising can also decrease the chance of getting high