Diabetes Song based On Royals by Lorde Essay

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Diabetes Song based On Royals by Lorde
By Jemma Kim and Tara Wilkes

In type one diabetes the body does not
Signal enough insulin to the body
Usually diagnosed in children
Or young adults, now let’s learn more!
And diabetes is
Caused by destruction of insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas
An autoimmune disease the immune system attacks its own cells
And its also caused by
Genetics, heredity passed down from the parents
Gene variants carry instructions for making proteins
on white blood cells that are linked to type 1
And the risks are
Depression, heart disease, pregnancy problems or stroke or blindness, or loss of mobility
Let me be your teacher, teacher
You can call us experts!
Now I can tell, tell, tell, you, about cells in this progression

Glucose builds up in the blood
Instead of being absorbed by cells

Glucose attaches to proteins in blood vessels which alters the structure and normal function
And it continues like
Vessels become thicker and less elastic making it hard
For the blood to squeeze through
And it can lead to blockage
And there is research
How to stop diabetes once and for all and scientists using genetic testing to show what types of HLA genes a person carries
And its done in a lab --- laaaab not available to us another way is JDRF which will show us to use T2D drugs for T1D improve blood glucose control in overweight children
Let me live my life
To identify people with increased risk
Proteins make antibodies
Life is great without a care