History Of Diabetes In Mississippi

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Diabetes in Mississippi Living in Mississippi, it is very likely one might know at least one person with diabetes. Diabetes is becoming one of the most known diseases in Mississippi. Although almost everyone has heard about diabetes, many do not know about the history of this disease in Mississippi. Also many do not know about the high risk groups and the organizations in Mississippi. Mississippi is among twelve other states that have the most people with diabetes in the United States. In 2010, Mississippi was ranked the second highest state in the U.S.. Mississippi had 270,000 adults diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Because of diabetes, 926 Mississippians lost their lives in 2010. Many more live with complications of diabetes every day. (Diabetes in Mississippi) Mississippi has almost 1,600 deaths every year because of diabetes. In 2002, Mississippi’s diabetes prevalence went down to 8.6%, compared to 9.3% the year before. Also in 2002, more than 270,000 Mississippians had diabetes and one third of them were undiagnosed. (Mississippi Chronic Illness Coalition (MCIC)) Today, approximately 346,500 people in Mississippi have diabetes. But 115,000 of those people have the disease and do not even know it. (CNB Community Partners-Citizens National Bank) There are four groups of people that more likely have diabetes. These high risk groups are African-Americans, Hispanic and Latino Americans, American Indians and Alaska Natives, and Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders. African-Americans are 77% more likely to be diagnosed than whites. It is known, one in four African-American women older than 55 has diabetes. In 2009, more than 12% African-Americans ages 20 and older have been diagnosed with this disease. In another high risk group, Hispanics are 66% more likely to have diagnosed diabetes than whites. Among Mexican-Americans, the risk is even higher, at 87%. As of 2009, more than 2 million Hispanic adults have diabetes, which is 11.8% of the adult population. American Indians and Alaska Natives are about twice more likely to have diabetes than whites. 16.1 % of American Indians and Alaska Natives 20 years or older have been diagnosed with diabetes. In Asian-Americans in 2009 the rate of diagnosed diabetes rose to 8.4% of the adult population. Also people in this group are at an 18% higher risk of being diagnosed with diabetes than whites. (Diabetes in Mississippi) Many people are unaware of the diabetes organizations that are in Mississippi. The Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi is the state's premier nonprofit health organization. This organization provides research, programs and service to the 372,000 Mississippians with diabetes. 100% of the funds raised by the Foundation stay in the state. And 89 cents of every dollar raised goes towards the Foundation's charitable purposes. Mississippi State Department of Health also has a diabetes organization. This organization is called The Mississippi Diabetes Prevention and Control Program. This program has activities