Diagnosis of Change Essay

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Diagnosis of Change
Sarath Mulleti
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Change Diagnostic Model
The Burke-Litwin modification model strives to usher in modification within the performance of a team or a corporation by establishing links between performance and also the internal and external factors that have an effect on performance. This modification this alteration this modification this variation this transformation} model relies on assessing the structure furthermore as environmental factors which may be tweaked therefore on guarantee an eminent change. The Burke-Litwin modification model begins with outlining a framework, comprising the moving factors which may be manipulated to ensure a power tool transition from one section of the modification method to a different. The foremost essential facet here is establishing the links between the twelve dimensions of this transformation framework. (Ginny Edwards, Sidharth Thakur, 6/7/2013).
Identifying the Drivers of Change:
External Environment: The main external elements need to be observed and established in and around the organization which will affect the organization.

Mission and Strategy: The view and work plan of the management of the company should be tested in the perspective of average employee and need to be correct if any corrections needed.

Leadership: The Main head of the organization should always shares their leadership structure and plan which need to be implemented.

Organizational Culture: Organization should adopt all kind of factors which will reflect their culture like policies, Principles and the values which will impact their work style.

Work Unit Climate: We can calculate the entire employee’s requirements, thoughts and their work progress. It needs very good atmosphere among the team and with the other departments in the organizations.

Tasks and Skills: We need to know very clearly and deeply what a particular position in the organization needs and what are the rules, regulations and responsibilities in the particular position.

Individual Values and Needs: The opinion of a particular employee is very important towards the job what he is doing and it reflects in the outcome of the work and results.

Motivation Level: Motivation is the one of the main things which can improves the performance of the staff in the organization and management should always keep an eye on this element.

Individual and Overall Performance: The individual and overall performance will be considering at all levels of organizations especially in the areas like efficiency, Productivity etc. (Ginny Edwards, Sidharth Thakur, 6/7/2013).


This Model is very apt for changes happening in Microsoft especially when talking about the acquisition of Nokia with Microsoft. As described in the Burke-Litwin model Microsoft will be having observations in both internal and external factors and moreover Microsoft was very keen on the production and services which comes under external elements. They can manage and make can do necessary changes internal environment as well. By combining these factors will reflect in the success of the organization.
Microsoft has its own plan of action to do changes just referring the internal and external respectively. They use to change according to either of the two factors when there is change need to happen and they call it as their mission to follow this system. The unity in the employee was also a big plus point for Microsoft to interact and involvement in the process and work in various departments. So finally I can say the Brule-Litwin model is apt for consider when comes to diagnosing the changes recently.
Google has its own history in the technological market, as it defined a new ways to use the technology and the services that are offering by the Google were mainly based on online like Google search, Gmail, YouTube etc., its shows thee success rate of the google in numbers. They got their own market that cannot shaken