Diagnostic: Decision Making Essay

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Joseph Comer
Professor Nora Kabaji
Freshman Composition
Diagnostic Essay
26 August 2014

Decisions are an important aspect of everyday life. Whether they are good or bad every day I have to make decisions that affect many aspects of my life. Making these decisions are important to me because not only will they affect me they will have an affect on my family, my career, and the person I am. From the earliest moments that I can remember sometimes making a decision can be easy or hard. Sometimes the decisions that we make can have short term or long term consequences. When I was younger I was not as worried about the decisions that I made or the consequences that would come along with them. Now as I am older and have a family I pay more attention to these decisions. Not only do I analyze each decision I discuss it with my family that way we can plan the best possible outcome and come to the best decision choice. To me the decisions that deal with my family are the most important in my life. Decisions are a choice that you decide on. Being in the military I face an abundance of decisions. First and foremost was the decision to enlist into the military. That was a life changing decision that started off my career. During my career I have come to a couple points in my life where I had to make a decision to re-enlist or get out. These types of decision can take a toll for many different reasons. Sometimes I have to think it the right choice right for me or not. That’s what makes decisions difficult. Eventually I made the decision to give myself more time in the navy. A lot of times I have found that career decisions can not only affect me personally but they also affect relationships. Throughout my career I have found that during its course that I have come across the point