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Not So Friendly After All
The story The Camel and His Friends shows that you need to be careful who you call a friend. This proves that point that the quantity of friends you have says nothing about the quality of the people that surround you. This also shows that at any one second one of your “friends” could turn on you without a second thought.
The camel was first abandoned by his owner in the middle of the jungle when collapsed from fatigue. So the merchant knowing that the camel was not dead or sick just decided to leave his animal in the middle of the jungle to possibly die from starvation. But, “Later, when the camel recovered his strength, he realized that he was alone in a strange jungle. Fortunately there was plenty of grass, and he survived.” (Paragraph 3, line 2) The camel found a way to survive where he was abandoned and soon came across some other animals. A lion, a leopard, a fox, and a crow. The lion was intrigued as to why a camel was in the jungle and after the camel told his tale the lion took him in and told him, “You have nothing to fear now. Henceforth, you are under my protection and can stay with us.” (paragraph 4, line 5)
Then the lion got injured in a fight with an elephant and had to stay in his cave for a few day without hunting to gather him or any of his friends food. The camel however was doing just fine as he was eating grass to survive. Starving, the fox came up with a plan, that the camel should be sacrificed for the good of the others. The fox once a good and loyal friend that was there to help the camel and protect him now turned on him in desperation for some food.
The lion has to be the one that betrayed the camel the most. The second he heard about the fox wanting to sacrifice the camel he was furious and told the fox “I can never kill an animal who is under my protection.” (paragraph 6, Line 2) The fox offered that if someone volunteered to be eaten would the lion take it. The lion then agreed the that would then be alright if someone were to offer their life for the others. The crow offered his life first followed by the fox then by the leopard, finally the camel offered his life the lion then said “I accept your offer, O