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Diagnostic Essay I have been to many places that I like. One of my favorite places to be is in my own bedroom. My bedroom has qualities that almost no other place has, which is why I really like it After a long day I always look forward to finally getting to my room and settling down. The three main reasons why my bedroom is my favorite place is because it provides privacy, entertainment, and relaxation. One reason I like my bedroom over other places is that it is the only guaranteed privacy I can get. Living in such a populated area, it is sometimes frustrating doing school work with so many distractions. My family members are usually very loud so the house is never quite. However, in my room, I can simply lock the door, put on some headphones, and do homework uninterrupted. Another reason I enjoy the privacy of my room is that I can keep my personal items safe. For example, if I left my expensive r/c airplane anywhere other than my room, it would get stolen pretty quickly or damaged. If I leave my r/c airplane in my room, I know with confidence that nobody will come in and touch it.
Another reason why my bedroom is my favorite, is that it has entertainment. For example, my younger siblings are always taking full control of the family television, and not letting me use it. However, in my room I have my own television that I can turn on, lay down in my bed, and watch a movie without needing to fight over it. My room also offers entertainment because I have my personal desk and computer in it. On a rainy day, I can get on skype with my friends and have a good time playing video games, or sometimes they even bring their laptops over and we play together.
The last reason why I like my bedroom is that I can relax in it. For example, there is…