Diagnostic Essay

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Ash Morimanno
English 111-54C
Diagnostic Essay After much consideration I feel I will be able to complete all tasks required for this class. This is my third time enrolled in English 111, because every time the work load is too overwhelming. I also feel the subject matter is slightly useless for a culinary arts student. However, this time around I refuse to allow myself to slack off. If I can complete this task then I can graduate at the end of this semester. I have been enrolled in this degree for the maximum amount of time to continue to receive financial aid so there is no longer any time to waste. I have always been an A student when I put my mind to it, and I plan on being that me this semester.
My biggest problem with English is that I have always been gifted in Math and Science. It has always been very arduous learning English in school and I have barely made it by. Numbers are more concrete to me and words can be misinterpreted by the recipient, especially when written. I feel that despite correct surface structure the reader may still perceive the words with the wrong condensation. The words we speak are only 10% of what the recipient perceives in communication. Although, I definitely agree with the fact that punctuation saves lives, I also believe condensation projects extreme emotion and is more critical in my profession to project my deeper structure. English is however useful for those planning on going into such a profession where