Diagnostic: High School and slightly Confident Attitude Essays

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Every reader and writer has a sort of preconceived notion of their abilities. I consider my attitude to be a well-rounded confident one. This notion has been influenced by my selective vocabulary and the way I implement it through writing. Even though I find myself being an adequate reader, I acknowledge that my writing and organizational skills could use some work.

In spite of the fact that Iv always devise an abundant variety of ideas to apply into my writing, I strongly notice that I could organize/plan my structure. I can organize and plan my thoughts more before actually writing everything on my mind. That way, I won’t end up with a sheet full of nice ideas with no flow. At times, my writing gets a bit messy.

Through experiences such as, high school and elementary, I was taught how to read, write, and some other useful tactics/methods to analyze passages and develop ideas in to solid writing. Reading books has been a past time pleasure when I was younger. I think a lot of the time I spent reading has had an impact and helped myself become more confident about my skills.

My slightly confident attitude has impacted my academics and helped me graduate high school to obtain my diploma, finish all my credits, helped me passed all my english courses, FCAT exams, and achieved a decent score on my SATs. voinadfopvnapdfnvapodfvpodfnvpoandfvponfvpsnfpvb;dofivbs;ofiv ;oaierhv;oeirv;oeirhv;eroivh;eoriv;erovh;eorinve; e;roi; reovh;er ov r;eovh ;eroivh ;eroiv