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Diagnostic Writer’s Response
Ellen Hitchcock
CM107 College Composition I
Cara Summerfield
Kaplan University

Diagnostic Writer’s Response
My goals as a writer is to have the skills needed to write effective and professional papers. I write professional letters and e-mails on daily basics and would like to write with more confidence. Proper correspondence and communication with my peers, colleges, and other professionals is very important in my profession. Critical thinking is one of my biggest problems as sometimes I add to much to the letter and loss the attention of the audience.
My main goal is to increase my knowledge in writing papers and correspondence effectively to grab the attention of my audience. My next goal would be to increase my knowledge of when to use proper grammar, punctuation, starting a new paragraph and proper mechanics of writing. I look forward to increasing my grammar and punctuation skills to future purse my degree with proper writing skills. Learning how to proper format papers and the proper wording will help to advance my writing.
There are lots of different ways I will be able to achieve my goal in being able to write better professional papers in my everyday life. This will happen with the feedback received in this class form the instructor and also fellow classmates. I will also be able to use and learn from all the tools that Kaplan University has to offer. Many of the tools I would use are the tutorials and