Diagnostic Writting Essay

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Diagnostic Writing
Jan 29, 2014
A major achievement in human civilization was the invention of the alphabet. From our ancestors to us, this beautiful process of discovery has influenced human history. Writing is an instinctive and spontaneous act, where people can show and express their thoughts and feelings. It characterizes their personality and the way they act or think.
I have many ideas, but trying to put them together seems impossible sometimes. I don’t usually write unless it is a school or job assignment. Recently, I started writing letters to people that I get mad at. When I get upset, I fear that I may say something that I will regret to the people I love. So I take the time to think everything through. If I still think that they deserve to hear what I think, I write them a letter. These letters rarely get sent, because I like to review them later. I usually review the letters within a few days and if I still feel the same way, I send or give them the letter. If my feelings change, which usually happens, I keep the letter and end up laughing about it later.
Writing these letters clears my mind and puts me at ease. My thoughts become organized, I relax and make good decisions, most of the time. For me, writing letters is the same as keeping a diary for some other people. The only difference is that I don’t write every day, I only write when I get upset.
As we look back, we discover some really passionate authors such as Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain