Dialect: Quebec and British Diplomat Essay

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The separation of Quebec from Canada is a very controversial topic when it really shouldn’t be because Quebec feels they should separate because they do not want to lose their culture and the fact that the majority of the province population speaks French. The people who oppose of that idea think that it is not right for Quebec to separate and become its own country because if it did Canada wouldn’t be the same with out it and would lose a huge chunk our country. In the end who are we as Canadian people to “force” them to be apart of Canada? If a Christian person wants to stop being Christian there are no rules or laws to stop them from doing what they truly want and wouldn’t the same thing apply here even if it were a province wanting to separate from a country. It’s all a matter of will and if the province of Quebec is willing to cut all ties with Canada and become a country of it own than so be it.

If Quebec feels that they are a “French society” and not “English” like our great country and truly want to become a country of their own than they are not true Canadians so let them because why would Canada want some province who doesn’t identify themselves as actually being apart of Canada. They have their own civil laws, and their street signs only read in French. At this very moment they are already in some ways separate from our country so why stop un-Canadian like people and just let the people of Quebec do their own thing and cut all the fighting and arguing that has been constantly going on between both sides for years now. There is no common ground between Canada and Quebec and no willingness to live together. It's basically unhealthy, for them and for us.
Furthermore, why Quebec should separate, is that Canada has a large debt of over 150 billion dollars. This debt has been accumulating over the years, but Canada is slowly starting to come out of it. 25% of this debt would be the sole responsibility of Quebec if they were to separate which would make Canada at least 35 billion dollars further out of that debt. Although we will have lost a bit of our economy through the separation, this money would surely make up it for that loss. Losing Quebec would help Canada in a sense because we lose some debt.

Quebec people who believe in separatism have made so many attempts to show Canada they do not want to be apart of this country anymore over the years. Take the October Crisis in 1970 for example when separatist terrorists kidnapped a British diplomat and a member of the Quebec provincial government. The federal government invoked the War Measures Act, suspended some civil liberties and sent in the army to help maintain order. The British diplomat, James Cross, was eventually