Essay on Dialectical Analysis

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Many times in my life I have questioned if I have been unjustly treated. Some of the

times can be ascribed to people, and some because of faith. Therefore, it is justified why many

times I find myself contemplate the question of “What is justice.” While in today’s society we

know what words are associated with justice such as fairness and equality, few people are able

to give a precise definition that they stand by. In both the antiquated Plato’s republic and the

theory of justice being utilitarianism, justice calls for a system which the current day society does

not have. For me, justice is what creates the most happiness. I believe that happiness trumps

everything in life, and the definition of justice coincides with this idea.

For Plato, Justice is specialization. People complete their assigned role in society and do

not interfere with the roles of others, and the result makes for an ideal society (Plato). He extends

on this definition by saying in a just community there must be a division of three classes, being

producers, auxiliaries, and guardians. Auxiliaries are the warriors, Guardians are the rulers, and

producers are the farmers, blacksmiths, etc. (Plato). Applying Plato’s theory to the present day

society, I imagine how people would feel in their assigned roles- how happy they are. While

I acknowledge that setting up a society that has independent roles in the working class might

sustain life more efficiently, I question the merits of it on a deeper level. If happiness is not being

granted to the workers, then do the benefits, being sustained living, outweigh this problem?

Under my ideals, I would say the answer is no. This question circles us back around, however, to

if happiness outweighs other rewards. Happiness is an innate desire we have when we have when

we are born; it’s what we strive for every day. Therefore, I think the answer is yes.

Another theory of justice that I am more satisfied with is that of a form of utilitarianism.

Under this theory, justice is when “laws and institutions are such as to promote the greatest

overall or average happiness of its members” (Three theories of Justice). I find utilitarianism

more appealing to me because it supports my opinion of happiness outweighing everything in

life. Utilitarnism weighs the consequences…