Dialogue Between Shree And Dolly

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Bhagyashree Sood
Professor Givant
Philosophy 101
25th February 2014
EDUCATION- CAREER OR HAPPINESS The following is a dialogue between Shree and Dolly. One being a practical conscious mind of my personality, whereas the other one my personality of which no one is aware of. These two conscious minds of mine always fight for one question that is what the purpose of education in my life and my family’s life ; is there any importance of my decision for my education and whether I should listen to my inner self or follow the personality I have made up for the world. I picked the names Dolly and Shree because my nickname is Dolly. Dolly is someone who is very happy goes lucky and isn’t scared of what the future has in stored for her destiny. Shree is someone who is not strong at all emotionally. She always demoralizes herself and doubts her decisions about her future. Dolly: So, tell me Shree you really think whatever has happened to you in the past four years is to be solely blamed yourself. Shree: Are you trying to say that it is someone else’s fault. Wasn’t it I who was taking all my decisions. I am to be blamed for whatever has happened because I was not a teenager, I was an adult. Why shouldn’t I blame myself because as soon as I got the acceptance letter from the pharmacy school I took the decision of attending that college? I never thought how my parents were going to manage to pay my expenses. My parents never forced me into a specific field of education that would require me to work very hard and perform beyond my expectations. My parents never told me that if I was to pursue a higher education I would be rewarded with a well-paying career job. Who else is supposed to be blamed for all the chaos created in my life than myself? Dolly: Really, I don’t believe that you are blaming yourself for all that has happened in the last four years. Are you ashamed that even after four years of graduating from high you don’t have a single degree in your hand? May be you don’t that there are other “culprits” involved in this decision of yours. Even though your parents never told you that you should pursue your degree in pharmacy, or go ahead and work towards your nursing degree. Your parents are like the prisoners of the cave who are not able to recognize their own shadows and are mocking at them. Likewise your parents never supported or guided you through any of your decision and always told you that you should do whatever you feel is right. Didn’t your parents have any type of responsibility towards you after all you are their child? Which they never cared about and today you are at a point of life where you are stranded by life and you don’t have any hope to pursue any education anymore.