Dialogue Essay: Adnan's Murder

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On an emotional level, from everything his peers have said about him, I really can't see that he had murder in his heart. That's not evidence, simply a gut feeling but bolstered by Hae's reactions with him, the way she speaks about him in her diary entries, and other things like Adnan's friendly interactions with Don. There’s none of that chest-beating, male sense of ‘ownership’ that I would normally associate with a murder like this.
As far as evidence goes, I'm really concerned that there is no physical evidence linking him to the crime. Nothing. And we know from studies of wrongful convictions, a case where no physical evidence exists is where the highest risk of error occurs.
The environment in which this case played out also gives me pause. The high profile murder of a
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Yet there’s no scrap of dirt matching dirt from Leakin Park. No dirt in the trunk from these alleged shovels.
Then there’s the ride question. If that’s his plan, why does he ask in front of everyone? It’s just dumb. And Adnan isn’t dumb.
And why does he give Jay the phone? If he’s planned it beforehand, Jay should wait at Jenn’s or Jay’s and Adnan call him there. Adnan is the one who needs the flexibility of having a means of communication. He’s the one dangling out there with a dead body. He can’t be certain where or when he’s going to be able to kill Hae. He can’t be sure there’s going to be a pay phone nearby. He can’t be sure of any of that ahead of time.
And then there’s Jay’s lies. He lies so hard and so often. Why so many lies, if Adnan really did this? If Jay really knows that Adnan did it, all he needs to do is tell the truth. But he never does. That’s really concerning to me, and it should have been really concerning to everyone at that time.
Jay’s cover for those lies is that he’s protecting his friends. But he dumps all his friends in it in a flash. So, it’s not the friends we know about that he’s protecting. So who is