Diamond Paper Products Case Study

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Diamond Paper Products Questions


- Do you have any problems with the relationship between you and your customers?

- Have you ever had customers complaining about your follow-up with them?

- How do you communicate with your customers?


- Do you think that customer’s dissatisfaction with the company had to do with the decline in sales you are currently facing?

- How often do you communicate with prospects about new offers or new information about products?

- Do you have any problems maintaining a good relationship between the institutions and agencies that you normally sell to?


- How have the problems with your customers affected your sales and the relationship with them?

- Not having CRM software has affected the possibility of prospects to become clients?

- Does that lead to problems that are possibly created by not having enough information on a prospect or client?

Need Payoff

- So what you really need is a system that can manage your interaction with your clients and prospects?

- Do you think that having a CRM system will help you safe operational costs in the long-term?

- How do you think having a CRM system will improve your sales in the future?

Candoo Corporation
Situation Questions

- Who is involved in the purchase decision?
- How do you currently maintain your customer database?
- Do you currently experience customer complaints about service?
Problem Questions
- What problems are you currently facing that led to the need for this system?
- How critical is this