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Diana DeAndrade
Opt 2 Unit 4

Both in the seminar and chapter 8 I read and learned about the agency systems. I also learned the difference between Criminal Justice Information System and police records Management. When it comes to the criminal justice information system every single document that is used by the criminal justice system that ranges from court documents all the way to state drivers licenses records. Where police records management are documents/information gathered and organized by police only. There are many advantages to a fully integrated criminal justice information system. Information is obtainable quickly for those that need it like the DA, judges or defense attorneys, detectives can keep track of gang members, coordinate recovery of stolen property, officers are safer due to having the information available to them, access to reference manuals, better decision making, and online databases. It also saves a lot of trees being transferred to paper. An agency’s records management system remain separate from other information systems in that agency for several reasons. One is to keep peoples information private, although the information is there police or law enforcement officials can only access need to know information. The database can separate the “right to know” and “ need to know” information. This is also to protect police from violating a person’s fourth amendment, police can see if the individual is a sex offender because that is…