Diana Ives Short Story

Words: 451
Pages: 2

Most people from Diana Ives’ century would faint at the mere thought of murder. Of course, any sane person would, but sadly, being a murderer’s apprentice, Diana did not get the luxury of being sane. Murder came as easily to her as sleep to a newborn. In fact, after years of practice, Diana would say that she was skilled in the ways of bloodshed unlike any other . . . besides her teacher, of course.
Certainly though, as a professional, she was not thinking such thoughts; in fact, no thoughts were in her mind at all, considering she was preparing herself for yet another kill.
Diana prided herself on her instincts; not once had her impulses failed her. For this particular victim, a crude drunk with a terrible habit of theft, she would attempt an obscure approach. The darkness shadowed her well as she stood a few feet from her target’s most frequented spot: the city bar.
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Thankfully, she thought, the pub will be closing in a few minutes. She hiked up her simple, white dress and grazed her hands over the dagger on her toned, brown thigh. Diana Ives was ready.
At the sight of her target, the apprentice’s deadly impulses spiked, eager and ready to get the job done. If she hadn’t known better, she surely would have attacked right then and there. But, she reminded herself, that would be an amateur’s mistake, and Diana Ives was anything but. She quickly composed herself and decided that the wisest strategy was to follow this drunk, yet dangerous,