Diane Ravich Reflection

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Diane Ravitch’s honest reflection of her years as a classroom educator and as a leader in our country’s educational reform is significant in that it continues the debate about what is wrong with and best for American schools.

Ravitch’s text commences with a detailed explanation about what she has learned regarding school reform. She first believed that testing, accountability, choice, and markets were the cornerstones to improve education in America and that was how she became a strong supporter of President George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind (NCLB) program. However, after reviewing the results of NCLB, she grappled with these pedagogies, and ultimately changed her stance on educational reform.

In her text, Ravitch not only explores
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When given the opportunity to hone their skills as educators, teachers become better over the years. In a profession where a high percentage of teachers leave the profession after five years, Ravitch argues that more needs to be done to support and educate new teachers so that they can perfect their skills in such a manner that is effective for high student achievement.

Finally, Ravitch concludes that she views Common Core as a possible anecdote for increasing student achievement. She also recommends that we stop defining student based on culture, race, or socio-economic status, but rather as individuals, each possessing unique talents, and unlimited potential.
Ravitch’s book, written in 2010, remains relevant in today’s educational philosophies. From it, I have a better understanding of how the pedagogies of education have changed over the years. Coupled with my responsibilities as a classroom teacher, I feel much better about the recent changes in education. Common Core, for example, allows teachers the freedom to teach the standards and skills students require to obtain academic