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1.1 Explain the purpose of using a diary system

It is important to use a diary system as you can keep track of different bits of information. As well as this you can also use this to keep track of daily tasks where you can keep record when they need to be done and when completed. This way if you ever need to you can use this to backtrack the information in case you need to find records or work you had done.
In addition to this you can ensure that all the information it is set as a reminder however this can only be done electronically. With this electronically diary systems can be backed up and remain in the system.
The purpose of using diary systems is to ensure that all work tasks are organized, otherwise it would become difficult to remember about different meetings and tasks that needed to be completing and when they were. Furthermore, by using diary systems I can keep track of the places (in the case of meetings) and anything that I may need to bring with me. This will ensure I work more efficiently. Finally, within the office I am able to gain access to the diary system of other people and they can see my own – this means that when I need to talk to someone I know where they are and if they are free when I need to speak to them. This saves time as I do not have to look round different places and do not have to phone around to find them. Therefore communication is more effective.
1.2 Describe different types of diary systems

There are many different types of diary systems for example:
Electronic on a computer - you can have them on different pieces of software where they will be backed up and give out reminders. Software such as Outlook allows you to do this.
Paper diary system- this is where you can have it on you in paper form all the time however if forgotten there is no way of accessing this back.
On the wall calendar- on the wall calendars are goods to have in one place and other people can access it by coming over to look at it.
Electronic devices such as smartphones – I have downloaded an app on my phone which allows me to keep track of tasks that I have to do at work. There is also existing software that I can use that comes with the phone that is a calendar. This helps me to keep separate work tasks and meetings by having two different applications.
Having different types of a diary system is good because you can then choose one that suits you and in some cases make a backup for future references.
1.3 Describe the purpose of obtaining relevant information about requested diary entries and changes

It is important to get relevant information for entries that require others it look at it. Within the description part of the calendar this allows you to write information they you can go to and remember why the task or meeting was needed. For example if you were to set a task for six months in the future then you may not remember why you did this, therefore can go back to the notes and refresh your mind before progressing.
Another purpose for this would be that the information in the task can be altered therefore it is easier to be changed. With this you can send a notification of the changes to the people involved with the correct information.
The overall purpose of obtaining the relevant information about a requested diary entries and changes is to ensure that other members of staff and clients turn up to the right place at the right time. This will also ensure that the right people are being met. In addition to this, the purpose of obtaining relevant information about requested diary entries means that if the appointment cannot be made, who the meeting is with will be notified and will help arrange another time when all attendees can meet. If this was not the case, it could lead to there being a lack of goodwill amongst clients as they may turn up and not actually be able to attend the meeting.
2 Understand how to use a diary system
1 Describe the types of information needed for diary…