Diary Of A Young Girl Anne Frank Injustice Analysis

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Justice is the act of fair consequences to behavior or treatment. On the other hand, injustice is the lack of fairness and integrity, or unfair treatment. In the book, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, injustice is a theme that has resurfaced many times. Firstly, injustice is obviously present in the time of the Holocaust. During this horrific time, too many Germans were doing extremely cruel acts to Jews, but were not punished. Likewise, these Jews were being punished although they really didn’t do anything wrong or unlawful. For example, Jews were forced into concentration camps by Nazis, where they had to take on grueling tasks, and sadly, get eventually die. While this heartbreaking period of time certainly demonstrates injustice, …show more content…
This demonstrated injustice because even though Anne really didn’t do anything cruel or very wrong, she was still punished, and therefore treated unfairly. Finally, (*SPOILER ALERT*) pages 161 and 162 describe one of the burglaries in the “Secret Annexe”. Anne describes, “When Mr. Van Daan went into Kraler’s office at half past seven, as usual, he saw that the communicating glass doors and the office door were open. Surprised at this, he walked through and was even more amazed to see that the doors of the dark little room were open too, and that there had been a terrible mess in the main office...He also told us that the projector and Kraler’s art portfolio had both disappeared.” This event can also be an instance of injustice because after the burglars robbed the “Secret Annexe” there was no way they could have been punished or caught because the families were in hiding. As we have read in the articles from class such as “Terrible Things”, “The Hangman, and “Thirty-Eight Who Saw Murder Didn’t Call the Police”, bystanders may also be of importance during acts of injustice. However, are they as guilty or this unfair deeds as much as the perpetrator?