Diary Of Anne Frank Chain Analysis

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The Diary of Anne Frank has many terrible and beautiful things going on during the length of the story. Unfortunately one of the most brutal things going on was the Holocaust. For the four things to represent the holocaust, the chain as the symbol, a viper as an animal, a Chinese Japanese lantern for fruit, and iron to represent the element. Chains can represent a lot of things that occurred during the span of the Holocaust both good and bad. One of the better reason reasons is that it can show the Jewish links during this time, each of them is a link to form one mighty strong coil. But also it could show how it lead to their demise, people who weren't Jewish but had heritage that were also taken and killed because they were linked with no way to break that link. The families in The Diary of Anne Frank fates were linked since that day they met, forming a binding chain. Chains also represent containment and restriction the Jewish people suffered this at its extremes. And in The Diary of Anne Frank a chain can show how they were contained within the annex. …show more content…
It began docile only providing a little bit of threat but as it warmed up and gained momentum it became deadly past description. It's also like the people in the play, as the heat of situations grew hotter there was no telling who'd strike out. Vipers also have a deadly poison easily capable of death, the same was true with ziclon b it has been engineered to kill painfully. There's the fear factor that both produced produced, its enough to make a grown man freeze on the spot with fear of death. Both have their own view by different people on one side of the argument people will say it's a good thing in the other people will talk of its evil. And in The Diary of Anne Frank there is the constant threat of a viper called the