Diary Of Anne Frank Literary Analysis

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Similarly, The Diary of Anne Frank, is another novel that is also classified as Historical Fiction. Although this book is a thirteen year-old jewish girl’s diary from the Holocaust, the fiction comes in to play in just as any young kid’s imaginary friend does too. In fact, Anne even point blank says, “In order to enhance in my mind’s eye the picture of the friend for whom I have waited so long, I don’t want to set down a series of bald facts in a diary like most people do, but I want this diary itself to my friend, and I show call my friend Kitty,” (Mooyaart-Doubleday 13). Showing a more mature version of the imaginary companion, Anne writes in her journal as if she is talking to real person. This way she can express herself and pour creativity …show more content…
Anne and her family hide for a duration of two years with rage festering within their heads waiting to be recorded. In one entry, she rants, "Nice people, the Germans! To think that I was once one of them too! No, Hitler took away our nationality long ago. In fact, Germans and Jews are the greatest enemies in the world,” (Mooyaart-Doubleday 51). In this time period, Jews live in constant fear for their lives. Their destiny, if caught in hiding, can result in a death penalty, consecration camps, deportation, or mass murder. As frighting as those punishments sound, the reality of death for being Jew is a matter of time for some. With mixed emotions, Anne reaches deeper into her hatred and woes, “I feel wicked sleeping in a warm bed, while my dearest friends have been knocked sown or have fallen into a gutter somewhere out in the cold night. I get frightened when I think of class friends who have now been delivered into the hands of the cruelest brutes that walk the earth. An all because they are Jews!” (Mooyaart-Doubleday 65). In most cases the imagination is one’s worst enemy; far greater than emeries of the Germans and Jews. The wondering unknown is a much more substantial method of agony. This element makes, The Diary of Anne Frank, one of the most iconic publications of the entire Historical Fiction genre fore the interpreted realism