Diary Of Anne Frank Persuasive Essay

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“Inspite of everything, I think that everyone is still good at heart.”
Why should someone study the Holocaust and The Diary of Anne Frank? Ever thought about how Anne had to just pack up and leave her home? Leave her friends? Reason why someone should learn about the Holocaust and the families that had to suffer through it, is because of how most people had to leave their homes and go somewhere else safe to hide, or how some got captured and were forced to go to the concentration camps. Or even what happened after this whole thing was over, how they survived it, or what happened to them after they made it, what they did after.
When people were taken from their homes for being Jews, or for being different than others, they were sent to different concentration camps, but for the people who haven’t have been taken yet, went into hiding. Most
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These camps could’ve been better or way worse then hiding somewhere. Some camps had schools, these kind of camps were way better than the others. Other camps wouldn’t let you have or do different things. For mothers who had sons, they could see their sons or their husband, if they had one. Same for fathers, they could see their daughter or wife, if they had one. Most camps were separated by gender, that's why this happened. Most of these camps had gas chambers too. Gas chambers were where people were striped out of their clothes and stuffed in a room. Nazi men went to the top of this building and put gas into the room from the top. The gas they put into the rooms, killed the men inside. Another thing that could’ve happened at these camps, would be that you got some kind of disease or sickness. Most of the diseases or sicknesses that you got at the camps, could have killed someone who had it. Most of the time it depended on what the disease or sickness was or who had it. The worst part about the camps is that when you went into hiding, you most likely went to one of the worst