Diary Of Ww1 Journal Entry

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Lance Walters

Entry 1
June 8th 1915 7:00am Today I was let go from my job at the ship yard, I overheard them saying that they are letting people go because they need to save money to support the war. What they were saying is right but why did they fire me? I have being working a CP ships for 15 years, I have to little boys and a wife to take car of this was the only way I made money and they let me go, I am very mad and disgraced that they would let me go. Anyways my wife Leanne was telling me that one of her girlfriend’s husbands just enlisted into the air force and he sent letter to her that it’s a good job, good food and hell probably be back by Christmas. Leanne is telling me to join too, we need the money and I need to do what’s right from my country.
I’ve been thinking hard about the whole joining the air force idea, I talked to a couple of people who got laid off work with me and they said there in so I guess im going off to war, I have just told Leanne and she is so happy, I told the boys that ill be home for Christmas so there not too worried about me either.
I have just come home from the enlistment office and I applied to the Air Force, they rejected me because I am to tall so they transferred me to the army, im still happy that I am going of the war but Id rather be in the army, there was a moderate size line up at the enlistment office. It shouldn’t have took that much time though because all they asked me was for my birth certificate, fill out a two sided form called the Attestation Paper all it had on it was blank spaces you had to use to fill out your name, address, next of kin date of birth, birthplace occupation, previous military history and other small details. Since im in the army now they gave me a package containing all my details the package had a sheet of paper that said the next ship leaves June 28th at 3:00pm, there was also another sheet of paper which stated the battalion I am going to be in which is called 4th Battalion Canadian Mounted Rifles my training schedule was also there I would be starting training in two days I am very excited.
June 10th 1915 4:00pm
I have just finished my training it was quick and brief but I will need it when im on the front line it wasn’t that bad we shoot a little we did a couple of exercises we were also taught how to march. I also got my uniform today it’s not that comfortable but it sure is warm since it’s made from wool we were also issued our rifle which was a ross rifle, my platoon commander said we were having a parade they day before we depart I am very excited about that and cant wait too march down the streets if Toronto representing my Canada in my new uniform.