Diary of Negotiations Essay

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First of all, I would like to outline that this course was initiated to set up strong communication skills and master personal negotiating skills. It was a good practice for our future business opportunities. It was good to start a practice from everyday life examples and then move on to the discussion of a business cases. During the lecture it was interesting to go through the test, which made us understand what the strongest bargaining style inclinations are. In this diary the main focus is based on selected cases and final solutions observed in each affair.
Diary of negotiations for Hamilton Real Estate: Negotiations started by introducing each company representatives and explaining interests of both sides in selling and buying the
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The last proposal of Seller: $8M and 6 runs.
We decided that it isn’t acceptable for us=>No Deal.
Although, taking into account that seller was optimistic in the rating and buyer was pessimistic, as a possible solution they could have split the difference.
WAP of seller in this case $3,5M at 6 runs.
Optimal number of runs for both sides would be 8.
Diary of negotiations for
Job interview exercise

In order to be prepared for job interview it’s useful to go through the role play for building perfect negotiation skills. We’ve seen how to avoid common barriers for reaching an agreement. It gives an example to understand the value for both parties in a job interview process.
There are different attitudes for evaluating results of negotiations:
Distributive attitude in negotiations leads to win-lose situation, whereas integrative is an example of win-win situation.
Objectives of such type of games allow to be prepared on how to behave during face-to-face negotiations with employer, at the same time it helps to use a persuasive language, which is critical for positive feedback. This type of game helps to identify alternatives for