Dictator: Nazi Germany and Pure German Race Essay

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John Le Hitler and Stalin Essay
Hitler was the Dictator of Nazi Germany; Hitler is responsible for killing of at least 6 million Jewish people during the Holocaust. Hitler tried to pursue a career of art. Hitler was rejected 2 years in a row by the school of fine arts. Hitler’s father beat him daily, once he put Hitler in a coma, when he was caught trying to run away from home. His mother would die 4 days before Christmas due to breast cancer. During that time period, Hitler was introduced to the idea of Anti-Semitism and a pure German race. Hitler was miserable after his mother’s death and would eventually enlist in the army and for the first time in his life he felt like he was home. Hitler treated woman with contempt and degradation but at the same time was obsessed with woman and sex. Hitler wife was found dead, shot in the chest. Ava brown loved Hitler, even tried to commit suicide for attention. Hitler claimed “I’m married to Germany.” Hitler would commit suicide when the army trapped him in a hideout.
Stalin was the Dictator of the Soviet Union; Stalin is responsible for the killings of at least 20 million people. Stalin’s father beat him badly as a child, Stalin was beat so bad that it stunned his growth; Stalin was only 5’4 and his left arm was bigger than his right arm. When he was 21, Stalin began to live a life of violence. He was arrested 8 times by the czar police. He would beat his wife and kids, abuse as a child transferred to him as an adult. His