Dictatorship In Animal Farm

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In the allegorical novella Animal Farm, by George Orwell, the animals simulate historical figures from the Russian Revolutionary War. It all begins when Old Major, a wise pig, emboldens the idea of rebelling against Farmer Jones and his men. The animals immediately are on board and with Snowballs and Napoleon's leadership they overcome the farm. The years went by well without any altercations, but soon the power got to the pig's heads. Napoleon's cryptic ways of bettering the farm caused suspicion throughout the animals, but no one confronted him. The pigs are changing from their normal selves into more of a human like character, because of ways they are running the farm. All in all, the pigs dictatorship is changing he farm mentally, but without Boxer, the horse, the farm would have never succeeded physically. Boxer’s loyalty, …show more content…
As a case in point, on page 36 it states,’’ After his hoof had healed up, Boxer worked harder than ever…’’ This shows that even though he was severely injured Boxer pushed through the pain to work on the farm. This also shows that he did not want an injury to stop him from being the best worker on the farm, so he decided to work to his best abilities. Overall, Boxer’s commitment to the farm and animals affects the success of the farm.

Finally Boxer’s likable personality and characteristics influenced and brought attention to the other animals. For instance, the other animals admired how Boxer was a hard worker from the very beginning, even through all of the hardships(17). This exemplifies, how the other farm animals cherished his drive to get past all the unfortunate events that arose. Moreover, this lets the animals see his true colors and motivated them to be like Boxer. On the whole, the likability that boxer displays on the farm moved the other animal's point of views in similar