Diction In A Separate Peace

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World War II commenced on September 1,1939. This event had an egregious effect on America socially, economically, and politically. Due to the damage that occurred, many workers migrated through cities to find work, or were drafted to enlist in the war. In the novel, A Separate Peace, the author John Knowles emphasizes the uniqueness of the era by portraying America as sorrowful and struggling to accept the effects of the war. Knowles achieves this by utilizing simple sentences, reflective imagery and diction. Knowles uses simple sentences to further describe how tolerant and yet deeply affected the nations were behind the two fronts. He exhibits this by utilizing simple sentences. He states that “People in America cry often,” therefore, …show more content…
In the imagery, “Color of life in America is dull,” illustrates a monotonous image of everyday life that contributes to the depression in America because of the wars influence in society. Another example is,“every few months the Earth lurches from its path”, this imagery gives the sense that this change is common for the world because of the wars that go on. Furthermore, “Behind curtains of plastic,” shows acceptance that servicemen are more accessible to foreign lands because of the servicemen being sealed off and distant from America. This imagery therefore shows that the war was hard to accept as a community because of the gloomy mood that prevailed. Lastly, diction helps establish the discerning manner of the era. The word “Reality” discloses that the American war was becoming more of a reality to people, by seeing the servicemen’s presence. Comparatively, “everyone” shows that everyone is affected by the war. Finally, “Forever” shows the recognition of the reality that war will sadly continue for a long time, and possibly forever in people's hearts and minds.. This establishes the understanding of the collective discontent caused by the war; therefore, showing the unique era that reflects the common feeling of an American affected by